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Use your iPads to  
not only view where  
an order is at but also  
pull product from  
the shelf, receive POs  
update components sent  
out to outside processors.  

Your Business is Unique

That's not news.  While your business shares many of the fundamentals with others you and your team has unique needs that when complimented by your business information system will enhance your competitive advantage.  Most of our development projects center around your business' strategies to help you increase your throughput and communicate more effectively with your team and partners.  Here are some recent projects that have made teh difference at our clients:
'infoSpring and APE eliminated messy and slow paperwork between the front office and the shop.  Since we've implemented APE we've reduced the time and labor costs to get orders out the door by over 50%'
APE Customer
Automated Production Execution (Tablets Running the Warehouse)
APE is used for make to order and engineer to order environments and pushes warehousing and production activities out to the shop floor.  Assembly and lite manufacturers that want to make to order and do it NOW will see orders flow through the warehouse and production faster and out to customers.  

APE currently integrates with Sage 100 with integration to Macola in the future.
iPOP (infoSpring Production Order Processing)
iPOP makes production order processing cool.  If you want to report production on the shop floor with just a flash of light (infrared light) and be able to update inventory and generate labels then you've come to the right place!   

iPOP currently integrates with Exact Macola 

Take a sip and relax!